Hustler Mobile App for Android Released

Although it is fairly clear that smartphone makers aren’t enamoured about allowing adult related material into their application stores, a precedent basically set by Apple when they kicked most of the adult related content for the App Store, it appears as long as you are a big name in the adult industry you’ll be allowed to release a mobile app.

According to an article over on Intomobile by Simon Sage, Hustler has now released an app for Android, although obviously the Hustler app doesn’t include any full on nudity, but does feature model stills and video, articles, cartoons and basically everything that can be found in the Hustler mag.

Obviously its been scaled down to get around Android’s rules with too much bother, but it does show that if your adult related application carries a well known moniker you won’t have too much trouble getting it into an app store as even Apple allows the big names in the adult related game to have some form a scaled down app.

Anyway if you are into reading such saucy magazines as Hustler and you have an Android device you can now download Hustle for Android from the Android Market as a cost of $2.99.

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