Microsoft Hit by Motorola Patent Infringements Claim

One has to wonder if all this tit-for-tat suing game will ever straighten itself out so that the big boys of the mobile arena will ever be able to simply get on with delivering advanced technological marvels to the public rather than be embroiled in lawsuits, but that is highly unlikely.

Thus according to an article over on Engadget by Sean Hollister, Motorola has retaliated to Microsoft’s complaint to the ITC over 9 patent infringements and unfair licensing fees for H.264 video and WiFi by claiming Microsoft infringes another two patents.

Apparently this now brings Motorola’s patent infringement claims against Microsoft to a whopping 16 and covers such things as Bing Maps, the Windows operating system and Microsoft Exchange, and Motorola issued a press release with this statement…

“It is unfortunate that Microsoft has chosen the litigation path rather than entering into comprehensive licensing negotiations, as Motorola has mutually beneficial licensing relationships with the great majority of technology companies industry-wide.”

So it looks like Motorola and Microsoft will be heading down that long route of argument which will no doubt last so long that most will have forgotten the reasons both sued each other for in the first place. These big mobile companies must love paying their team of lawyers rather than finding an amicable agreement.

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