Amazon UK Offer Samsung Galaxy Tab Cheaper

If you are in the United Kingdom and thinking about purchasing the Samsung Galaxy Tab, now just might be the right time to go grab one from Amazon UK. Why? Well because Amazon UK has now lowered the asking prcie on the Android device.

According to an article over on Slash Gear, Amazon UK has now cut the initial price of £529.99 for the 7 inch Samsung Galaxy Tab and now offers the tablet for a much more acceptable £479 saving you 50 quid on the deal which can’t be bad.

Unfortunately for our buddies over in the good ole US of A though there’s no signs of Amazon US following Amazon UK’s example and dropping their price for the T-Mobile version which is still sitting at $699.99.

So does this drop in price and £50 saving make anyone want to rush out and purchase the Samsung Galaxy Tab from Amazon UK? Feel free to shout out and let us know.


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