Windows Phone 7 Stock Shortages in US

Initial reports on the sales of Windows Phone 7 smartphone were somewhat unimpressive as reports have it only 40,000 were sold on launch day, we reported on that subject which can be read by hitting (here), but the reason for such low sales may be supply shortage problems.

According to an article over on Softpedia by Ionut Arghire and by way of the Boy Genius Report, Windows Phone 7 sales differ from store to store when it comes to AT&T WP7 phones. Other stores report great sales, whilst others report low interest.

But apparently low stock was attributed as one of the reasons that prevented AT&T along with T-Mobile from actually selling more of the devices which leads one to believe there is a shortage of availability with Windows Phone 7.

Apparently a spokesperson for Microsoft seems to agree when they told Zdnet“As is sometimes the case with the launch of a new product, initial supplies are tight. We understand some customers are disappointed to learn their local stores are already out of stock. We hear their concerns and are working diligently with our partners to bring more phones to stores in the coming weeks.”

So basically the reason Windows Phone 7 hasn’t managed to sell huge amounts is because of stock shortages, which is hoped to be put right over the coming weeks. So we’d love to know if you are waiting to grab a Windows Phone 7 smartphone in the future or are you not too bothered about the new OS.


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