Friends App for iPhone Promo Video

If you find it somewhat difficult to keep up with all your social networking such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and the many other social networking sites like LinkedIn you probably could do with an app that can group all your networking friends into one tidy list.

Well that’s almost an app for that in as much as the Friends app for iPhone isn’t available in the App Store just yet. The Friends app has been developed by the developers of the beautiful postman app, Taptivate, and we have a video promo of the application for your viewing pleasure below.

The Friends video comes our way courtesy of Brian Barrett over at Gizmodo and by way of Wired and delivers a just over the minute mark and shows us that the Friends app for iPhone and iPod Touch can pull in all your contacts from Facebook, Twitter and more.

Basically what the Friends for iPhone app does is put all your friends into one convenient place, so without further ado head on down, mash that place button and check out Friends for iPhone…enjoy.

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