iPhone 4, HTC Surround, T-Mobile G2 BBQ: Video

To be honest if you are lucky enough to own an iPhone 4, HTC Surround, and a T-Mobile G2 why on earth would you wish to incinerate them is beyond me, but apparently that’s just what the guys over at EZ Grill did, and we have the video to prove it.

The video which can be view below comes our way courtesy of Marin Perez over at Intomobile by way of the guys over at Tech Flash and lasts two minutes in which the iPhone 4, T-Mobile G2 and HTC Surround Windows Phone 7 device are well simply put…barbecued.

Apparently the purpose of the experiment was to find out which smartphone will grill faster and which of the three could endure the flames the longest. Seems a complete waste of three perfectly good smartphones to me, but there you go anything in the name of knowledge I guess.

So which device can withstand the inferno of a barbecue? Well to find out you’re going to have to mash that play button. I would say enjoy, but iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7 fans are now free to shed a tear.


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