Windows Phone 7 Google or Bing Battle Video

On the Windows Phone 7 platform both the Google search app and the Bing search app are now available but which one is the better option for Windows Phone 7? Well let’s find out in the Windows Phone 7 Google or Bing battle video below.

The Google verse Bing on Windows Phone 7 comparison video comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Daily Mobile and by way of Brandon Miniman over at Pocket Now and delivers almost three minutes of checking out the two WP7 applications.

The video starts off taking a nice look at the Bing search app; however Brandon wonders why Google ever came out with Google Search for Windows Phone 7 as Bing is far superior as all Google does is bring up the Google web page.

Thus it looks like it is a win for Bing on Windows Phone 7, but what we’d like to know is what our readers think, do you prefer to search via Google or do you prefer to search via Bing or some other app? Check out the video below and feel free to let us know your preference by dropping us a comment.

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