Jailbreak of Windows Phone 7 Almost Accomplished?

Usually when it comes to talking about jailbreaking a smartphone it all centres around the Apple iPhone and iOS, but other smartphones also get jailbroken, and one being targeted for jailbreaking at the moment is the Windows Phone 7 platform.

According to an article over on the Boy Genius Report by Zach Epstein, I Started Something is claiming that a jailbreak for the Windows Phone 7 operating system is almost ready. Apparently hackers already have root access to the WP7 file system and registry, but so far aren’t packaged.

As you are no doubt aware, jailbreaking delivers the ability to users to install apps unapproved by Microsoft and will also enable developers to construct apps which will use those functions of the operating system that can’t be accessed by the usual developer tools.

No doubt those once Windows Phone 7 is jailbroken, Microsoft will begin the cat and mouse game just like Apple and their IOS, but when WP7 is jailbroken it will open us a whole new ball game for Windows Phone 7 customisation and applications.

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