Bump App for iPhone Content Sharing

If you are into sharing your mobile content with friends and family probably the easiest way to do so would be to simply transfer content but touch two smartphones together, and well actually there’s an app for that.

According to an article over on Mobiputing and by way of Mashable, the Bump application for iPhone enables users to simply “bump” their iOS devices together to share such content as contact info, appointments, photos, and music.

The app is simple to use as all you do is open Bump on your iPhone, select the item you wish to share, get your friend to open Bump on their iPhone and simply bring both iOS devices together and the data should be transferred.

A rather ingenious way of sharing content, the Bump app for iPhone supports iOS 3.0 and above although requires iOS 4 for some features and is a free download from the App Store. So there you have it pick up Bump for iPhone and get bumping.

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