Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9010 Giorgio Armani Unboxed on Video

We have a teaming of Samsung and designer Giorgio Armani again to bring the mobile space yet another rather expensive designer luxury smartphone this time using the Samsung Galaxy S GT-i9010 handset, and we have an unboxing video of the device for your viewing pleasure below.

The Samsung Galaxy S Giorgio Armani unboxing video comes our way courtesy of Vlad Savov over at Engadget and by way of YouTube user m4cch14n3r4, which lasts almost five minutes of getting up close and personal with the Giorgio Armani Samsung handset.

As you view the unboxing video you’ll probably note that the Giorgio Armani Samsung Galaxy S GT-i9010 holds quite a resemblance to the Samsung Captivate handset, however apparently the Giorgio Armani version does come with some extra multimedia features bundled in.

Price wise if you really what the Giorgio Armani banding on the device it will set you back a hefty $700; so all that remains is for you to head on down, slap that play button and check out the Giorgio Armani Samsung Galaxy S i9010…enjoy.


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