Apple iPad 2 Mini Forum Discussion: Your Questions

Now most of the Apple faithful are probably awaiting the arrival of the next generation Apple iPad, aptly named the Apple iPad 2, however most details on the new Apple iPad 2 are of course speculation.

For example it is rumoured that the next generation iPad will sport a smaller 7 inch display, however that rumour is not generally believed. Another speculation is that the iPad 2 will come with both rear and front facing cameras which then leads to the speculation that the new device may pack FaceTime for video conferencing, again all unconfirmed at the moment.

Rumours of a better processor have been doing the rounds as well tagging an ARM Cortex 9 as a possibility. There was also word about a SkyFire app for the iPad and we know that this has not shown yet, but should turn up at some stage.

There’s even a rumour being bandied about that the Apple iPad 2 will actually launch commanding the same price tag as the original basic iPad at around $500, again all unconfirmed.

Like I said previously there’s not a great deal known about the Apple iPad 2, but we do know it will hit next year at some point with spring being touted as a possible release timeframe although the device could show earlier as the promos for the Apple iPad 2 have already been bagged and tagged ready to promote the device as reported (here).

So what we would like to do with this post is ask our readers to discuss the Apple iPad 2 and see if they have any questions about the device we can possibly answer or any views on what they would like the iPad 2 to feature, so feel free to voice your opinions and questions about the next generation iPad in our comments area below.


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