Authentic White iPhone 4 Handsets Available in China

If you are one of the Apple faithful who feels a little let down at the non-appearance of the white version of the iPhone 4, apparently all is not lost as there is a way of getting hold of one if you are prepared to pop over to China.

According to an article over on Phone Arena, and by way of GizChina, you can pick up a genuine real deal white iPhone 4 which have apparently hit China’s mainland and are stickered as “internal use only.”

Apparently numerous resellers have somehow got hold of a large stockpile of the white iPhone 4 handset, which are apparently running iOS 4.1 and locked to the AT&T network.

As for just how much you’ll be required to shell out for the white iPhone 4 from China, the 16GB white iPhone 4 can cost anywhere from $828 up to $1024 while the 32GB version is even more expensive. So anyone now considering a trip to China?

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