iOS 4.2 Release Date: Possibly Today at 18:00 GMT (10am PST): UPDATE

Will Apple release its new iOS 4.2 update today at 18:00 hours GMT (10 a.m. PST)? Well according to sources the new update will release later today.

We visited MacWorld and they are reporting that the new Apple software will be released today, you know; the update that will bring new features such as fast app switching, multitasking for Apple iPad, and unified mail inbox, plus so much more.

Other New Features Will Possibly Include (If rumours are correct): AirPlay, AirPrint (But this may be delayed due to problems), free access Find My iPhone that does not need MobileMe service, Folders option for the iPad, of course we will be letting you know about other features soon.

Please let us know if you think the new iOS 4.2 update will release today or do you think it will be November 24 as suggested before, is today going to be the biggest day of the week for Apple device users? You may wish to check out iOS 4.2 preview pictures here.

Image via Very Rite

UPDATE: iOS 4.2 is now live and ready for you to download and install, connect your device to iTunes and click update.


19 thoughts on “iOS 4.2 Release Date: Possibly Today at 18:00 GMT (10am PST): UPDATE”

    1. You're correct. it's being 'rolled out' in various places due to the anticipated load, but the 'official' release should be 6pm UK time when it's pushed onto Phobos, the Apple download servers. Clearly whoever wrote this post didn't do their research!

  1. Laurie says:

    Kalyan, I see the download link as well. However, when I connect to iTunes and click 'update' it shows that I am already up to date, with version 3.2.2 …

  2. glenn says:

    it has been released. This has been confirmed by itunes as i plugged my iphone 3gs in and it asked me to update. however i will not update yet as i need the unlock from ultrasnow

  3. Scott says:

    Yes is out, but ITunes would say that 4.1 is up to date. Hit iTunes Help menu and check for updates and bingo!. Now I have 4.2 but won't upgrade until the unlock is confirmed.

    BTW does anyone knows if 4.2 or 4.2.1 updates the baseband on iphone 3G?

  4. Linus says:

    I think there is a new feature call Text tone & according to Apple u can assign to caller & 17 tone is available but actual still same. I think there is a miss some where & hope Aple can explain or rectify.

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