Can Apple Produce Enough iPhones and iPads for Christmas 2010?

At Christmas time there is always a hectic bout of Christmas gift shopping for that perfect present and Christmas 2010 will be no different. When it comes to that perfect Christmas gift of course smartphones and tablets will be amongst the most sought after.

Now we all know that the iPhone 4 and the Apple iPad are in great demand no matter what time of the year but in the approach to the festive season that demand will no doubt get bigger thus putting strains of supplies and suppliers.

Of course the rumour is that Apple will deliver a Verizon iPhone sometime in the New Year, so if true they are working on a CDMA version, which in turn could have an affect on just how many standard iPhone 4 and iPad units are available this Christmas.

Last year according to figures by the BBC, Apple saw bumper sales of the iPhone shifting 8.7 million units in the quarter, and no doubt the same will happen this year with both the iPhone 4 and the Apple iPad.

Let’s be honest, it is going to be a huge task for Apple to keep up with Christmas demand for their products, and thus the question is, can Apple produce enough iPhones and iPads for Christmas 2010?

We’d love to hear your thoughts on whether Apple can keep up with demand this year or do you think there will be a shortage; feel free to voice your opinions below in out comments area.

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