Apple iPhone 4 Refurb: AT&T Online Reduced Special Bargain

No doubt there will be many people hoping to pick up an Apple iPhone 4 this festive season, but it can be quite an expensive smartphone to purchase, however there is a way of gaining an iPhone 4 handset at a reduced price so you don’t have to break the bank for that Christmas present for a loved one or yourself.

Purchasing a brand new iPhone 4 can hit you wallet hard, but AT&T are now offering refurbished iPhone 4 handsets of the 16GB variety which would normally cost $199.99, but with a refurbish discount of $100 you get the iPhone 4 16GB refurb for just $99.99.

Now of course even though the handset will be a refurbished iPhone 4 model you will still be required to purchase an AT&T plan and of course the iPhone 4 will be in black. There is a minimum requirement of signing on for two years with a new activation and minimum $15 per month data service.

Now some would probably say a refurb isn’t as good as new, but I’m pretty sure AT&T wouldn’t be offering substandard devices so if you are in the market for a 16GB iPhone 4 this Christmas then the AT&T online iPhone 4 refurb special may be just what you are after.

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