iPhone Radio Apps Being Rejected by Apple

Now we all know that Apple’s App Store approval system is somewhat in a mess as evidenced by the recent male enhancement iPhone app even making it into the App Store, and now the word is Apple is rejecting single action radio apps.

According to an article over on Intomobile by Simon Sage, and by way of Radiomagonline, iPhone app developer DJBApps, has already submitted ten applications to the App Store and all have been rejected with Apple citing the developer agreement, section 2.20.

Section 2.20 is…“Developers ‘spamming’ the App Store with many versions of similar apps will be removed from the iOS Developer Program.”

Apparently the developer even made an appeal to iPhone guru Steve Jobs to which Jobs gave his usual short, sharp response…”Sorry, we’ve made our decision.”

Apparently the App Store has a spam issue and the thing is if the developer had put all the stations into a single app then maybe it wouldn’t have been rejected, but as with all things some do get caught up in the process of keeping spam apps out.

So basically Apple won’t allow single station radio apps onto the App Store, if you want your iPhone radio app on there your app has to have numerous radio stations in it to be accepted.


3 thoughts on “iPhone Radio Apps Being Rejected by Apple”

  1. Peter says:

    Actually, IMHO, this is a good thing.

    If you're an aspiring radio station and want to have an App so people can listen, I have no gripe. Build it, submit it, and life is good. The ones that get my goat are the one company that produces 100 apps that are all the same except for changing a logo and some graphics.

    Also, these people are somewhat infamous for not getting permission to use the content. I remember some company that was scraping websites for comics. You could download their App for 99 cents and see "Edge City" every day–scraped from seattlepi.com or some other newspaper. Did the website operators get any of that 99 cents? Did the creator of "Edge City" get any of that 99 cents? Nope. If they get busted, they just register with Apple with a different name and try again.

  2. robinson says:

    So, then why does Apple permit those book apps that are one book at a time?

    You know–rather than being an ebook reader, the app is a book. That's "spamming" and cluttering up the iTunes stores– and our iPhones/iPads/iPot Touches with too many apps! It's also downright deceptive in some cases as they are charging for freely available ebooks via free ebook readers!

  3. David L. says:

    There must be something wrong with that particular app or sets of apps, because I have two public radio station apps, one from LA and the other from NY. Of course they do more than stream their content over the web.

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