Apple iTunes App Approval Double Standards or Failing

As you know when it comes to adult content iOS apps in the App Store, Apple doesn’t want any kind of porn associated app tainting their beloved iTunes, but it seem that their approval process is somewhat failing in not approving adult content apps.

According to an article over on Gizmodo by Kat Hannaford and by way of Recombu, although Apple won’t allow anything near nudity into the App Store, an app called “Live Orgasm Radio” is apparently okay to approve.

Is “Live Orgasm Radio” classified as “adult content?” Well apparently the iOS app promises “Screams and Intense Pleasure from the hottest girls in the business,” so yeah I would consider that falling in the “adult content” slot wouldn’t you?

Furthermore, just to clarify that this app is indeed adult content, the iTunes description states…” Adult Industry Girls and Guys with Streaming Audio. No Jokes, No Scams, This is the real thing!!! Graphic Adult Content – Adults Only 17+!!!LISTEN TO REAL GIRLS IN ACTION!!!”

So that’s pretty clear that this app is indeed adult material so why has Apple approved the app? Sounds a tad like double standards to me and perhaps prove that Apple’s approval process is failing to do what Steve Jobs wants.

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