Christmas 2010 Battle: iOS, Android, Symbian, BlackBerry & Windows Phone

Throughout the year there are constant reminders on which smartphone platform grabs the most market share, and in the run up to Christmas 2010 the battle to gain more market share heats up as every smartphone manufacturers wants a large slice of the shopping season rush.

Now let’s face it there are only a few contenders in the smartphone market share Christmas battle, obviously Apple with iOS, Nokia with Symbian, Research In Motion with BlackBerry, Microsoft with Windows Phone 7 and of course Android with well the list seems to be just endless with Android.

So what do each of these offer the customer this Christmas, well first let’s discount a couple, Nokia always grabs the most market share due to sheer volume of devices, hasn’t really delivered anything that stands out this Christmas apart from the Nokia N8.

BlackBerry is another we can really discount as RIM hasn’t pushed out anything of real interest since the BlackBerry Torch and BlackBerry Bold 9780 and the BlackBerry PlayBook isn’t coming out to play until February of 2011.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 although has quite a few smartphones in the mix but hasn’t really caught the imagination of the public just yet due to the platform still being in its infancy, so again can basically be discounted.

That leaves of course the two bitter rivals, Apple with iOS and the Android platform, and no doubt both will do exceedingly well during the Christmas period.

So which will come out on top? Apple has a huge following of iPhone faithful but Apple can’t rely of their loyal customer base at this time; no doubt more will purchase the iPhone 4 and also no doubt the Apple iPad will bring in quite a bit of revenue.

Then there’s Android, and I believe Android will snag the most Christmas 2010 market share simply because of the wide variety of smartphones that now use the Android operating system giving the customer a diverse choice of handsets and manufacturer and carrier.

I know the iPhone faithful will pull out the same old bag that you have to take into consideration that Apple only has one smartphone whereas Android has a multitude of devices, but isn’t that the name of the game to offer a wide selection to the public?

We’d love to know which OS our readers use and their views on this subject, so if you wish to voice your opinion feel free to do so by dropping us a comment in the area below.

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