Wattpad eBook Mobile Community Q1 2010 Report: New Update

The humble ebook is growing as a social digital entertainment in the mobile space and today the world’s most social ebook community, Wattpad has released their Q1 2010 Global ebook Metrics report which covers both mobile ebook and desktop usage of users in over 160 countries.

The key findings of the Wattpad report include such things as the uptake of mobile phone users in the US along with the growing popularity of BlackBerry handsets and the Apple iPhone, Apple iPod and Apple iPad, and the US accounts for 50 percent of iOS and BlackBerry users and followed by the United Kingdom.

During Q3 iOS users have been more active spending a quarter of 1B minutes on Wattpad and in the last quarter BlackBerry accounted for 40 million minutes. Furthermore Wattpad saw 90 percent of traffic coming from women under the age of 25.

According to the CEO and co-founder of Wattpad, Allen Lau, “The number of users on Wattpad has increased over fifty percent in the last quarter, making this our most thorough examination of eBook consumption habits to date.”

Actually I have the Wattpad app on my Samsung Galaxy S as I have a few chapters of a new novel I am currently writing called Lazarus Grey: The Righteous Hand on their (plug, plug), so feel free to check them out and leave me some feedback on the Wattpad site.

UPDATE: We had an email via nlassam@wattpad.com and they emailed us saying: It’s Q3 Metrics, not Q1. Mislabeled on their part.

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