BlackBerry Empathy Concept Demo Video

What we have here could be the future of BlackBerry smartphones if Art Center College of Design, designers Daniel Yoon and Kiki Tang have anything to do with it, and is they concept design of what they call the BlackBerry Empathy smartphone.

And we have a video of the BlackBerry Empathy concept design for your viewing approval below courtesy of the guys over at Daily Mobile and by way of Greek website Pestaola and by way of Tekgek, which lasts almost one and a half minutes of looking at the design of what things could come with BlackBerry.

As you can see the BlackBerry Empathy does seem to have a rather unusual angled design with a pointed top and bottom. The concept design was sponsored project by Research In Motion at the Art Center College of Design and apparently integrates human emotions with the concepts of social networking.

Yes okay, anyway personally I’m not too sure I like the angled design of the BlackBerry Empathy but that’s my own opinion, and you can make up yours by mashing the play button and checking out this unusual BlackBerry concept below…enjoy.


3 thoughts on “BlackBerry Empathy Concept Demo Video”

  1. ama says:

    i think it is beautiful but wondering whether it will be durable & it kinda look like a girl's phone after all which serious man will be interested in such a vain accessory love it i am girl

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