S30 3D Phone Launched in India by Zen

Although not the first 3D mobile phone to be launched in India by Zen, the Spice M-67 handset had that privileged, but the Zen S30 phone is the second 3D handset to be launched in India.

According to an article over on Money Control, Zen has now gone all official with the new S30 3D phone and is the first 3D handset from Zen to sport a 2.4 inch screen and external speakers.

Apparently the Zen Spice M-67 didn’t actually meet expectations with its 3D experience; however perhaps the new Zen S30 3D phone will up the game in 3D experience and come out better than the Spice M-67.

With the 3D handsets, the devices offer the user 3D Stereoscopic tech that basically means the user can view such things as 3D interfaces, videos and images on a mobile phone without the need to use 3D glasses, you know the red and green lens type things.

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