Verizon 4G LTE Hits Greater Boston Today

Following up with it pledge to introduce their new faster service 4G LTE, in Boston and 37 other cities by the end of the year, Verizon Wireless is to unveil their 4G LTE network in Greater Boston today.

According to an article over on Boston.com, by Hiawatha Bray, with Verizon unveiling their 4G LTE network it will be the 3rd launch this year of a next-gen wireless network in Boston with Sprint rolling out their 4G WiMAX network back in September and T-Mobile about the same time upgraded their network to HSPA+ and as for iPhone carrier AT&T, they will launch their 4G network next year.

Although the Big Red will go live with their 4G LTE network in Boston today, they didn’t deliver any pricing for the new service. However, Lowell McAdam, Verizon’s chief exec has said Verizon’s 4G service may not included an unlimited data plan but rather deliver fixed quantities of data downloads at varying prices.

According to Yankee Group analyst Chris Nicoll, “We’re expecting it’s going to take two to three years before you see fairly ubiquitous 4G coverage in the US,’’ and added, “We need the right devices. They’re coming, but they’re not there yet.’’

The director of 4G services for Sprint, Teresa Kellet remarked, “I respect what Verizon does, but I do believe we’ve had quite a headstart.’’

Whilst AT&T spokesman Mark Siegel says AT&T expects to launch their own 4G network by mid-2011 and should be accessible to roughly 75 million US households at launch, although it’s not known if Boston will be amongst the first to gain AT&T 4G.

Image courtesy of Droid-life

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