Nokia ClearBlack Display Explanation Video

What we have here is an explanation video covering what Nokia’s new ClearBlack displays are all about in case you are somewhat confused at what the new displays on the Nokia E7 and Nokia C6-01 are all about.

The Nokia ClearBlack Display explanation video comes our way courtesy of Mark Guim over at The Nokia Blog and by way of the Nokia YouTube account, and lasts a minute and a half of marketing the ClearBlack display.

Apparently ClearBlack ensures your Nokia smartphone has blacker blacks, brighter colours, whiter whites, is completely visible indoors and outdoors on bright and sunny days, and also has zero reflection, although they are somewhat more technical about it.

Anyway rather than me try to explain Nokia’s ClearBlack it is much simpler for you to hear it from Nokia themselves, so head on down, mash that play button and check out CleakBlack on Nokia…enjoy.

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