Nokia Situations App Adaptive Semi AI: Video

There’s a new app released from the guys over at Nokia Beta Labs called Nokia Situations which they are billing as a semi-artificial intelligent way to manage the users mobile phone centred on the users situations such as location and time of day.

Actually Nokia Beta Labs explains it so much better in a video that we have for your viewing pleasure below courtesy of Stefan Constantinescu, over at Intomobile which lasts almost two minutes and has production manager Roope Tassberg explaining all.

Basically for example, say you always watch a movie on a particular day and time and you don’t really want to be disturbed by your Nokia mobile phone going off, well with Nokia Situations the user can tell the device not to ring and to send a text message to the caller saying you’re at the movies during that particular time…get it?

The Nokia Situations app is apparently for Symbian OS handsets right back to S60 3rd Edition and not just for the latest Symbian^3 devices. So all you need do now is check out Nokia Situations by hitting that play button below…enjoy.

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