Nokia 2030 Concept Smartphone

Ah the wonderful world of the concept phone, if only all the futuristic concept smartphones reached production, but they don’t but that doesn’t stop us from taking a look at the possible future of the smartphone space does it.

So what we have here from Concept-phones and by way of The Design Blog is a concept design of a Nokia 2030 handset which has been created by Jim Chan and features a full colour display along with an illuminated touch keypad and scratch resistant body.

Apparently the purpose of the Nokia 2030 is fast messaging and would be manufactured if it ever made it to the manufacturing stage in polished titanium and would measure 2 x 4.75 x 0.25 inches, and apparently gets its ability to change colour by attaching colour films to its rear.

That’s about it for this futuristic Nokia device, and one that we’ll never see hit the streets, but what do our readers think of the concept, would you like to own it, would you purchase the Nokia 2030 if it was ever made available?

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