Apple iPhone Equates to $100 Off Android Phones

Now this is either to get up the iPhone faithful’s nose or to give an incentive for the iPhone faithful to change their allegiance to rival platform Android, I’m not too sure which but no doubt this promotion from Cellular South won’t have many Apple fanboys swapping their beloved iPhone so they can get an Android device.

According to an article over on Intomobile by Kelly Hodgkins, and by way of Phandroid, Cellular South is running a new promo where AT&T customers can get up to $100 for their iPhone if they choose to purchase another smartphone which could well be an Android device.

No doubt the iPhone faithful will be telling Cellular South just where they can stick their $100 off a new smartphone promo, but who knows there just might be some iPhone loving people out there that want to switch to Android perhaps for a Samsung Galaxy S.

The deal is AT&T customers who switch to Cellular South have to give up their precious iPhone and choose another device to get up to $100 off the new device which will carry a new 2 year agreement, and as an extra incentive the customer may even be eligible for a credit reimbursement of their early termination fee which goes up at $200 and towards your Cellular South bill.

So are there any of the iPhone faithful willing to say goodbye to Apple’s darling device and take advantage of Cellular South’s offer? Voice your opinions of this iPhone switching promo in our comments area below.

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