Apple iPad 2 Specs: Will It Get Retina Display?

As with all things Apple, the Apple faithful expect improved specifications when it comes to a new device and the same goes for Apple’s next darling device the Apple iPad 2 which is expected in springtime of 2011.

There have been numerous rumours about Apple iPad 2 specs in the past from carbon fibre housing to the inclusion of a front facing camera to enable FaceTime, but no one really knows just yet what the next generation iPad will offer the customer.

But Will the Apple iPad 2 sport a Retina Display like the iPhone 4? Well according to an article over on The iPad Guide by Fred Straker, having a Retina Display on the Apple iPad 2 would be difficult.

According to Ryan Block of Gdgt, a 9.7 inch iPad Retina Display “would exceed the capabilities of current mobile device technology.”

Apparently the Retina Display 330 pixels an inch works with the iPhone 4 due to it sporting a small display with each pixel rendered and apparently converting the Apple iPad display to a Retina Display would mean a “ridiculous number of pixels” and thus the processing hardware would end up being “completely overwhelmed.”

So basically unless Apple is holding out on some super graphics processor it’s unlikely the Apple iPad 2 will get Retina Display. So there you have it, it looks like there will be no Retina Display on the next generation Apple iPad.

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