Rogers Canada: RIM PlayBook & Smartphone Data Plans

The big thing in the tech world these days apart from the smartphone is of course the tablet device, and carriers will want smartphone users to adopt tablets to make them a success, and over in Canada Rogers Wireless is hoping they have come up with a way of enticing smartphone users to purchase a tablet such as the Research In Motion BlackBerry PlayBook.

According to an article over on Teleclick, Rogers Wireless intends to make “3G enabled tablet devices” more attractive to owners of smartphones by enabling those users to share one data plan between both the smartphone and the tablet.

John Boynton, the chief marketing officer for Rogers said, “We’ll start with the Wi-Fi and add the 3G when it’s available,” and added that when that day arrives, Rogers customers will be able to connect to the net via their tablet and smartphone via a single data plan.

The 7 inch touch screen BlackBerry PlayBook is expected to be offered in Canada by Rogers Wireless in Q1 of 2011 along with other tablet devices, and although at first the BlackBerry PlayBook will be a WiFi version only, it is expected that 3G will be enabled in future generations.

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