Android Gains, BlackBerry Declines, iOS Virtually Inactive

So how is the US smartphone market share fairing for the period ending October? Well basically it hasn’t changed a great deal since last time with BlackBerry still managing to hold onto a nice slice of the pie, but has declined in its overall slice.

According to an article over on Engadget by Chris Ziegler, ComScore has delivered the latest US smartphone market share figures which show that BlackBerry declined by 3.5% meaning their market share is now at 35.8% but still strong enough to stay at the top.

Apple and iOS seems to be holding steady but did manage to scrape an extra 0.8% placing iOS in second place with 24.6% market share. Android on the other hand is still in third place, but has again gained a nice slice rising another 2.1% giving a total of 23.5%.

Microsoft saw a market share drop of 2.1% down to 9.7% but apparently doesn’t include their Windows Phone 7 figures while Palm and weBOS dropped 1.0 down to 3.9%. So it looks like Android is still climbing in the US and snapping at Apple’s heels, but it will be interesting to see the figures once WP7 comes into play.

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