Apple iPhone 5 Features: Pico Projector and Digital TV

The big thing from Apple in 2011 will of course be the release of the next generation iPhone, the iPhone 5 or whatever they decide to name the device, but what features might be included in the iPhone 5?

Well according to an article over on Apple Insider by Neil Hughes, Ticonderoga Securities analyst Brian White, during a meeting in Taipei has said that suppliers are saying Pico Projectors and Mobile TV are to be major selling points in future smartphones.

Now although said suppliers didn’t actually stipulate that the next generation iPhone will include a Pico Projector or mobile TV, White apparently believes that both features could be “attractive candidates” for Apple’s iPhone 5 next year.

In a note to investors, White wrote…”Watching local TV stations on a smartphone could be an attractive option for some consumers. Additionally, an embedded pico projector allows users to project a slide presentation or video on a wall or other surface in large size, which makes sense for the iPhone 5 in our view, as Apple seeks to expand the features in the next-generation iPhone.”

Apparently White also stated that both features may also show up in a future hardware update of the Apple iPad to deliver to users an “even richer experience.”

So what do our readers think? Pico projectors and mobile TV aren’t new to the smartphone arena as we have seen them in devices before, but would these features draw more interest in the iPhone 5 if they were included?


6 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 5 Features: Pico Projector and Digital TV”

  1. Jill says:

    Pico Projectors *WOULD* be a great feature… but I think they are still 3-5 years away.
    Even ice-cube-sized projectors are WAY too big for a thin cell phone.
    Even if they added only $200 to the price…that's still more than the phone costs overall.
    Kills the phone's tiny battery way too fast.

  2. Nickr says:

    There are plenty of phones already out there with pico projectors. Many of the pico engines are small enough for a cellphone – the challenge is power consumption and brightness – most need between 1 and 1.5 watts, which drains the battery too fast and most are 7 – 10 lumens which is really not enough. Next year we should see 20+ lmns and power down to under 1 watt. Given Apple's purchasing power……..

  3. Jimmy says:

    or maybe Apple will just figure out how to do an iTunes update rather than a 95MB iTunes replacement every single week…or how to provide an update to the iPhone OS that doesn't erase my voicemail settings. I don't know, maybe I expect too much…

  4. apple need to go one better than its competitors and install the now available pico laser projector. I have designed an amazing portable pocket sized projection screen for pico phones, does anyone know who i need to contact at apple to promote it and get it endorsed.

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