Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone: Is it Real?

We have seen several rumours hitting the net waves recently about what is possibly every mobile gamers dream machine, the rumoured Sony Ericsson PlayStation phone which would be capable of downloading and playing PlayStation titles, we’ve even been treated to a couple of videos of the rumoured device which can be viewed (here) and (here).

However, does the Sony Ericsson PlayStation phone really exist? According to an article over on the WSJ by Daisuke Wakabayashi, a spokesman for Sony Ericsson has declined to comment on whether the video supposedly showing the Sony Ericsson PlayStation phone is real or not.

However most reports hitting the net waves do support the belief that Sony Ericsson is working on a PlayStation phone which will supposedly run the Android operating system with games downloaded to the device via an on phone app, so yeah the device is probably real.

Having said that, Sony is having to deal with people turning to their smartphone to play games rather than using a console such as the PlayStation, such as the Apple iPhone, thus Sony Ericsson needs a portable device that can combat this and thus it is expected that Sony Ericsson will unveil the Sony Ericsson PlayStation phone at MWC 2011.

So, if, or more like, when Sony Ericsson unveils and release the Sony Ericsson PlayStation phone will people be quick to snap up the device and make it a huge success or will they just stick to gaming on their current smartphone?

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