Google eBooks Store Live: Android & iOS to Get Free Apps

Google have been busy little bees lately, what with the new Nexus S coming on December 16 on Best Buy is the U.S and in the UK you can pre-order this smartphone via Carphone Warehouse that will release on Dec 20, and now they have just made its Google eBooks Store live.

The new eBooks Store will have over 3-million readable eBooks using Web Reader, it will also feature free Apps for Android and even iOS plus the Nook eBook. This new service will only be available to US Citizens, we are not too sure if the UK will be eBooks via the store.

Google eBooks can be read online using the cool Web Reader and you will be able to store online purchases in your own Web Reader account (This does need a Google Account), you will be able to store them on Mobile device, tablet or Web locations.

The free Google eBooks App will be available to Google Android and Apple iOS mobile operating system platforms, the app will feature typeface, text size adjustment and line space adjustments.

For more information please visit Google eBooks, below you can watch a video that should give you more of an insight. Please let us know what you think of this new service.

Source – Google Blog via TechTree

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