Will The Google Nexus S by Samsung Fail?

So Google is going to release the successor to the Nexus One smartphone, the Google Nexus S which is made by Samsung, but with the disappointment with the Nexus One, just how well will the Nexus S fair, or more to the point will the Google Nexus S fail?

It would appear to me that there’s not a great deal of good being said about Google’s latest Android smartphone, we’ve already posted an article on the top six reason to hate the Nexus S, and now we have a report from ITProProtal that delivers four reasons why the Nexus S will be a failure.

Their reasoning at to why the device will fail goes along these lines, the Nexus S doesn’t live up to expectations with the main reason being the device isn’t different enough from other smartphone to convince a potential customer to upgrade.

Basically other than Android Gingerbread along with NFC all the key features with the Nexus S are already available on other handsets and some superseded and with Android 2.3 Gingerbread and NFC being rolled out throughout next year, come June the Nexus S will be obsolete.

Another gripe is what the asking price for the device will be, the Google Nexus S is an expensive handset when compared with the Nexus One and with only a few new features the device doesn’t justify the large price difference of £200 between it and its predecessor.

Another failure is apparently because Google has opted to make the Nexus S available via the Carphone Warehouse rather than direct which they say is a “flawed strategy” and one that caused the Nexus One to fail and besides, the Carphone warehouse only covers a fraction of the UK market and thus the device will see limited exposure.

As for NFC, well it’s not really new tech and has been around for some time but manufacturers have thus far been reluctant to include NFC capability in their devices, and no doubt the novelty of NFC will eventually die and NFC requires more apps so it can work and receive a larger audience.

The article finalises by saying ultimately the Nexus S is a “trailblazer” due to packing NFC and Android Gingerbread, but it won’t start any mad rush for people to swap their iPhone 4 for the Android device and thus they expect first sales figures after 100 days to be somewhat disappointing.

So what do our readers think about the Nexus S, is it a trailblazer device that many will go with, or will it suffer the same fate as the Google Nexus One and fail miserably, or can Google make the Nexus S more attractive to p[potential customers somehow?


4 thoughts on “Will The Google Nexus S by Samsung Fail?”

  1. chicoricopico says:

    No HSPA+ (aka 4G) or microSD slot? Dealbreakers! I'd put off buying the G2 to see if and when this phone came out it would support all the hype. Unfortunately, I'm ready to upgrade and its going to be the G2 because of the 4G support and expandable memory (microSD).

    This phone could've meant so much to Android, but it fails in my opinion.

  2. Parmenide says:

    Outgunned by the iPhone 4 in most areas.
    Outgunning the iPhone 4 in NO area.
    Why are you pushing me to get an iPhone? I don't want a friggin' iPhone, but you leave me no choice!

  3. hutz says:

    Why do you need an iphone ?

    Any Midrange android device is better than an iphone full stop :

    1. You dont need to use Apples Special Connectors

    2. You dont need to use Apples Itunes to Add music / images / VIdeo / Pod Casts / Ebooks

    3. Android Devices are Open Source so for people who like to totally customise their phones they can with out having to pay for IOS SDK.

    4. Android apps are cheaper and free to develop

    5. Android Supports Custom Tones for SMS / Ringtones / Alarms

    6. Android Supports more Native media file types than apple's devices

    7. Everyone can have android across many handsets and don't have to fork out the premium price / tarrifs for the pleasure of a new OS

    8. Android supports FLASH, apple Fails Epically there to be frank what where they thinking.

    9. Iphones have terrible cameras for high end market phones compared to mid ranged or dedicated camera droid hand sets its put to shame ( Front facing Camera or not 2 rubbish Cams don't make it better than 1 good Cam )

    10. No Folders on IOS

    11. The Iphone settings are buried away beneath 4 menus before you get to them.

    12. Dare i mention the Alarm Failure / Singnal Failure

    13. less than welcome reception of the Iphone in Japan

    14. Android has OTA Updates constantly adding new features to the OS that then apple goes "Hey thats a great idea, we'll use it in our next device ( Anyone smell Iphone 5 with Folders & Flash & The whole Whoops we forgot Copy & Paste malarkey )

    15. Every tom dick and harry has an iphone now, every other phone is iphone, its not cool anymore it just makes you look like a sheep that followed the trend because the technology was cool at the time and now you've been sucked into buying their overpriced products ( IPhone / IPOD / IPAD / IMAC).

    Really whats the point in owning an iphone these days its so 2007 and has ***HARDLY in 4 YEARS !*** and still ha sonly just recently been sold to more than one carrier !

    My parents have Iphone i have Android i have used them both equally as my mother does not know how to work the iphone correctly untill recently and ISO feels like windows 95 running in 2011

    At least android devices try new things and don't stitch you up for the pleasure, and most use google as their default Search Engine anyone use an apple search engine ???

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