Windows Phone 7, 2nd Update: What Would You Like?

For Windows Phone 7 owners out there you probably know that Microsoft has promised an operating system update in January 2011, and then announced there would be a second update to WP7 during Mobile World Congress in February 2011.

We reported on the first Windows Phone 7 update (here) and the second major update which can be viewed (here), and today an article over on Techradar reiterates that the second Windows phone 7 update will be coming at MWC 2011.

According to reports this 2nd update will bring better customisation options along with new API’s and controls for developers, while the copy and paste feature will come to WP7 in the first update in January, a video of which we have for your viewing pleasure below courtesy of Pocket Now.

However, it’s all well and good Microsoft saying their new operating system will get major updates in January and February, but those updates don’t seem to really be that major and offers very little to Windows Phone 7 users, I mean copy and paste is somewhat old isn’t it.

So what we would like to ask our readers who own a Windows Phone 7 device is what would you like to see Microsoft bring to WP7 in the form of new features, do you have a particular feature you’d love Windows Phone 7 to have? If so feel free to shout out in our comments area below.


8 thoughts on “Windows Phone 7, 2nd Update: What Would You Like?”

  1. Cory says:

    I'd like to see quicker, better and MORE apps. Smoother scrolling on windows and apps and better picture quality and support from google.com. The browser needs a TON of updates and the video player (lack there of) needs some new functions (see iPhone). Sound quality on clicks and ringtones/custom ringtones would be great too! Overall a very polished and sleek design… looks better than the first OS for iPhone. and that's saying a ton! I want to see alot more from these guys.. they could do so much!

  2. Christian says:

    Voice commands. No not the stupid "pizza in Los Angeles" search commands. Let's get the phone plugged into my car and have a conversation.

    C: Hello Cellie?
    AI: Yes Christian
    C: Can you call mom please?
    doot doot doot doot.

    C: End call.
    C: Cellie?
    AI: Yes Christian.
    C: Can you map an address please?
    AI: Ready
    C: 555 5th Street.
    Doot doot doot.

    There you have it, something that a worthless iPhone can't do. If we can design an Alicebot, Godbot or Cleverbot.com, why can't we have a more human interaction with the phone. They're more interesting anyway.

  3. Bob says:

    I bought my Samsung Omnia 7 to sync with Outlook calendar as I have some memory problems and rely heavily on my calendar. I couldn't believe that I would have to sync through a third party! Does Microsoft still produce the black A model ford??? Bob (OZ)

  4. alex says:

    I agree with Rick. Full sync with outlook otherwise its useless to me. No copy/ paste, no sync with outlook and then MS includes them in the update so we can say "wow great phone man". This stuff is taken for granted and people are left scratching their heads in disbelief.

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