Apple iPad Game World of Goo Available: Video

Seems to be a day for Apple iPad games to hit the App Store, earlier we posted Dragon Hunter 2 HD was available and now World of Goo for the Apple iPad is available from iTunes.

According to an article over on TiPb by Leanna Lofte, this popular puzzle/ construction iOS game was made by a couple of guys from San Francisco, and features drag and drop living, talking globs of goo that build bridges, structures, zeppelins, cannonballs, and giant tongues.

With World of Goo for the Apple iPad each level introduces new areas, new puzzles and the creatures that inhabit the areas, as the player moves through the game they discover new species of Goo Balls which have unique abilities.

World of Goo for the Apple iPad is available right now for your iOS device and can be downloaded by hitting up iTunes at a cost of $9.99, but before you do you can check out a World of Goo trailer we have for your viewing pleasure below courtesy of YouTube user kyleofthefuture…enjoy.

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