iPad 2 Maybe Smaller, Different Bezel and Larger Speaker

When it comes to the new Apple iPad 2 there are many speculations in what the device will feature, there have been many to date and there will be many more. New rumours are circulating the web such as the iPad 2 maybe smaller, different bezel and it could possibly have a larger speaker.

The image shown above comes via Japanese site Macotakara and they show the iPad 2 new speaker, the new size if correct will be 239 x 186 mm but will still keep the 9.7-inch display, so this means it will have a slimmer bezel.

The mesh-covered speaker is definitely looking different to the current model tablet; other feature speculations include a new USB port, front-facing and rear-facing cameras and even a SD card reader. Time will tell and we will only know once Apple say so, we will keep you posted.

Thanks to SlashGear they also say other changes to the new iPad include a smaller ambient light sensor and is in a different place, the rear panel is now flat like the iPod touch, and we could possibly see the iPad 2 releasing in January 2011.

Do you think the new iPad will feature Qualcomm chips? What display will it be seeing as it will not be Amoled? If you have anything you wish to say about the new iPad 2 please do use the commenting area provided below. Thanks

via AppleInsider

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