Apple iPad To Gain Uncensored Playboy Magazine

Hmm it seems this is a case of money speaks louder than words as it appears that Apple has done a u-turn on their adult content stand for iOS devices when it comes to big name magazines of the adult world.

According to an article over on Engadget by Vlad Savov, and by way of Apple Headlines, the full catalogue of adult orientated magazine Playboy will be coming to the Apple iPad uncensored sometime in March.

Apparently the word comes from the man himself Huge Hefner in the form of a tweet which said …”Big news! Playboy–both old & new–will be available on iPad beginning in March.”

So if Hef isn’t telling porkies, it would appear that the top shelf girlie mag has somehow managed to find a way round Apple’s none adult content policy because if the magazine is coming to the Apple iPad uncensored then surely it has to be classed adult material.

What do our readers think of this latest news on adult content and the iPad, do you think Playboy is being allowed simply because it is a big name and pulls in a lot of cash, or do you think Apple should stand by its ruling and not allow such magazines onto their devices?

Is this a case of reputation and money speak louder than principles?

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