Nokia Phone Eaten By Croc And Still Works

Now here’s an unusual thing which kind of shows just how resilient Nokia devices really are, and is somewhat reminiscent of the croc that swallowed the clock in Peter Pan. However this particular croc, named Gena, had a taste for a Nokia mobile phone.

According to an article over on Intomobile by Marin Perez and by way of the Associated Press, when a visitor to the Ukrainian aquarium decided to use their Nokia phone to snap a picture of the 14 year old crocodile Rimma Golovko, accidentally dropped the device into the water.

Not to miss out on a morsel, Gena the croc swallowed the device. Now its not that unusual for a crocodile to eat things, but apparently employees didn’t believe Golovko, so they called the device, and Gena’s stomach started ringing.

Which goes to show that even when inside a crocodile’s stomach a Nokia mobile phone can still go on working. However since scoffing the Nokia handset Gena hasn’t eaten and has become listless and won’t play with other crocs.

Gena will go for an x-ray next week if he continues to refuse food but surgery to remove the mobile phone is a last resort. No word on which Nokia handset was the tasty morsel for Gena though.


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