Verizon Xoom and Thunderbolt Possible Pricing Revealed

We have word on what could possibly be the pricing of the Android Honeycomb toting Motorola Xoom and the Android Froyo packing HTC Thunderbolt today apparently from none other than Verizon itself, by way of their internal system.

According to an article over on Engadget by Vlad Savov, and by way of the guys over at Android Central, it appears that an insider has come across the minimum advertised price for the Motorola Xoom and HTC Thunderbolt.

So apparently for those customers who’d like to grab the Motorola Xoom the price is $799.99, presumably unsubsidised, while anyone wanting to pick up the HTC Thunderbolt the price is $249.99.

Having said that, it doesn’t mean that when both devices finally come out to play those will be the exact prices as in the world of mobile devices anything can change. As for when we may see the Motorola Xoom and HTC Thunderbolt arrive, that is still something of a mystery.


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