iPhone 5 and iPad 2 NFC Chip Technology Confirms Analyst

Do we really want to make payments via the Apple iPhone 5 and iPad 2? Just a little question for you and now the latest news suggested by an analyst, NFC (near-field-communication) technology will be built into the two new Apple devices.

The new upcoming Apple devices will have this technology built-in allowing it to become a debit card thus allow you to make payments via mobile, apparently this system will allow you to make payments via your mobile smartphone from up to 4-inches away, scan away as they say.

The hardware is now being worked on to implement this feature and hopefully Apple will introduce new NFC-capable devices and new mobile payments service, makes things a whole lot easier than chip and pin. This new system will be so beneficial for Apple because each time a customer buys anything from iTunes via credit card Apple has to pay credit card fees, this new set-up will be saving them a fortune and would be more economical.

If this new system comes into play on the iPhone 5 and iPad 2 then it looks like Apple would have to revamp iTunes, do you think Apple should enter the NFC market?

Please visit 9to5Mac for a quick demonstration on how the NFC chip technology works, just wish to say a big thanks to Engadget and Bloomberg for interesting news. Why we are on the subject of iPhone 5 and iPad 2 you may want to read the latest release hinted by production dates.

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