Angry Birds for Smartphones Getting Nintendo 3DS & Wii Release

Seems like Angry Birds Game is going to take over the world on smartphones, the Big Screen, TV and now gaming consoles such as the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii.

Gaming devices such as the Nintendo Wii and 3DS will get some Angry Birds love soon and being one of the most popular games it was only a short time before this happened, Rovio Mobile the developers behind the game only released this game on the iOS and then the likes of Android devices and others got a sniff of it.

Rovio are stepping it up a gear according to Huliq because they have already included platforms such as PlayStation 3 and it has been ported to Microsoft Windows available exclusively in the Intel App Up center and a version playable on Mac computers through download in the Mac App Store.

Angry Birds will make it onto the Wii and 3DS later in the year, no one is sure of exact release dates yet but it will happen this year (Apparently).

Just so you know the Nintendo 3DS should get a release date for public hands March 27, 2011. Angry Birds is so popular there have been several versions, such as: Angry Birds Valentines, Angry Birds Halloween (iPhone / Android), Angry Birds Christmas, Angry Birds Secret Code, these are just a few names.

For more information please click the Huliq link above and we also recommend visiting T3 for a little more insight. Thanks; oh please do post all your comments.

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