iOS and Android Tablets to Gain Yahoo Livestand Mag App

Well let’s face it you didn’t assume for one minute that the Apple iPad digital newspaper app The Daily was going to be the only magazine related application to hit the mobile space did you? Well if you did you’d be wrong as Yahoo! Has now stepped into the mobile digital magazine apps game.

According to an article over on Ubergizmo and by way of Business Wire, Yahoo! has unveiled a new products for mobile tablets they are calling Livestand, a “perpetually active newsstand” that will deliver customised news from Yahoo! Flickr, OMG, and sports news to the Apple iPad and Android tablets.

Apparently the Livestand app will deliver such things as every changing content from a variety of sources, content will be based on what the consumer wants, intuitive touch interaction, easy set up, an interactive canvas to deliver magazine-style adverts.

The executive vice president and chief product officer for Yahoo! Blake Irving, has said… “Adoption of tablets and mobile phones is exploding, and digital media isn’t keeping up. Consumers can’t find the publications they buy off the newsstand, and publishers and advertisers can’t reach the audiences they want to serve. We’re in a position to meet all of these needs.”

As for availability of Yahoo! s Livestand app for tablets, they say the app should see release for Android and iOS tablets in the 1st half of this year with a possibility of a smartphone app to follow at some point in the future.


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