New Android Navigation Apps Unveiled at MWC 2011: Videos

During Mobile World Congress in Barcelona ROUTE 66 unveiled two new navigation applications for the Android platform, the ROUTE 66 Maps + Navigation app, and the ROUTE 66 Drive & Walk app, both with “Follow Me” augmented reality navigation feature.

The ROUTE 66 Maps + Navigation app features TomTom maps and content and delivers access to the latest maps for over 100 countries with links to information on such things as weather and Wikipedia, along with stunning 3D graphics, and clear spoken directions in 57 languages.

The ROUTE 66 Maps + Navigation app also features “Follow Me” augmented reality which shows views of the street from your Android smartphone or tablet and adds a virtual 3D car in front of the user with indicator lights to let you know when to turn left or right.

The ROUTE 66 Drive & Walk app for Samsung Android handsets also features “Follow Me” augmented reality navigation and maps are supplied by NAVTEQ, and delivers instant access to maps of 94 countries.

If you are looking for a landmark of address the ROUTE 66 Drives & Walk app features a unique free text search which understand what is meant by entering a search term such as “EIFF PAR” for the Eiffel Tower in Paris and users can also run “smart searches” for points of interest and contacts stored on their handset.

Both ROUTE 66 Android app will become available for download from the Android Market soon as lifetime free apps, while turn-by-turn navigation is a premium feature and can be purchased via the in-app store.

We have a couple of app demo videos courtesy of ROUTE 66 for your viewing pleasure below, one of the “Follow Me” augmented reality and the other a demo of the Map Viewer, so jump on down and check them out…enjoy.

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