Nokia Delays Adoption of Windows Phone

As you are no doubt aware, Nokia has opted to make the Microsoft Windows Phone platform their chosen operating system for future Nokia devices; however apparently Nokia to has delayed the adoption of Windows Phone until sometime after October.

According to an article over on The Guardian, rather than opt to go with the current version of Windows Phone 7, Nokia has made the decision to hold off until Microsoft release the next major update, which is apparently codenamed “Mango.”

Having said that, apparently Nokia boss Elop, has been careful to refer to Nokia’s adoption of the platform as Windows Phone and not Windows Phone 7 as apparently there are some differences between the two.

According to an article a while ago by Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet, “Mango” is to be renames to possibly Windows Phone 7.5 and will add such features as HTML5 and word is that Windows Phone 7.5 won’t be ready until autumn with Windows Phone 8 possibly following by the end of 2012.

Apparently this is the reason Elop has only referred to Nokia’s adoption as Windows Phone because he didn’t wish to reveal any of Microsoft’s future plans for the Windows Phone platform.

Apparently when asked to comment on the delay a Nokia spokesperson stated that Nokia has committed to Windows Phone but would not comment any further.

So there you go, you probably won’t be seeing any Nokia smartphones sporting Windows Phone 7 or otherwise for some time yet. I’m still not convinced Nokia has made the right decision not to go with Android, but I guess only time will tell.


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  1. plint6 says:

    Nokia, priority number one: satisfy your customers, not Microsoft

    This announcement by Nokia regarding to the first shipments of WP handsets is a non-event. What we should ask is, when can we expect new handsets from Nokia in stores, even with Symbian3 on it. I already mentioned in other comments that it is a high priority for the existence of Nokia to introduce new handsets the very soonest and/or with a new, fresh and astonishing upgrade of its Symbian3 platform in the beginning of the second quarter of 2011 in the retail stores.

    How hard can this be Nokia. You got all the greatest talent in marketing, innovation, plus not to mention, the money, the millions, the billions. (Otherwise, let's also put it this way, thus from a business point of view (you know, business principles), think about the great ROI you can make, right now the market is hot and booming). There are a lot of great quality handsets and great quality of User Interfaces (UI) and Operating Systems (OS) from other manufacturers. Nokia, take an example from it. Again, that cannot be a hard task for you, as a number one handset manufacturer of the world.

    Nokia, it is your number one priority to satisfy your customers, not to drop them. Again, as i mentioned in others comments, come with specific dates and it is important for you Nokia to come up with ….something… very soon. PUT THE PRESSURE ON IT.

    So, for now, just forget about Microsoft if you really want to built a long term relationship with them.

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