Mini iPhone Squeeze to go Home Concept Video

As you know there is a rumour that Apple might be looking at pushing our a mini version of the iPhone, whether its called the mini iPhone or iPhone nano remains to be seen, but the rumour doesn’t stop people from coming up with concepts for the device.

So what we have for your viewing consideration today is a very short video of a mini iPhone concept that takes the rumour that a smaller version would sport an edge-to-edge display and delivers a way of getting back to the home screen when there are no buttons on the device.

The concept video comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Daily iPhone Blog and by way of YouTube user Maxrudberg, and shows that a “squeeze to go home” feature would possibly be needed for a smaller iPhone.

So basically to return home from an app the user would apply pressure to the sides of the device, but what if you accidentally squeeze? Well this concept would sport a “visual cue” to show the user they were holding the handset too tightly, and there would also be a setting whereby the user could set the pressure for going home.

Sounds like a reasonable concept to me, although that pressure setting would have to be mighty fine considering the variation in peoples grip pressure. So jump on down and check out the 14-second concept video and feel free to let us know your opinions.

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