RIM BlackBerry PlayBook WebWorks App Demo Footage

If you are considering snapping up Research In Motion’s first mobile tablet, the BlackBerry PlayBook once the device comes out to play, you might like to watch some video footage of what applications look perform like on the tablet.

Thus that’s exactly what we have for your viewing pleasure below, a video of the aura app developed by The Astonishing Tribe, which showcases the flexibility of the BlackBerry WebWorks platform.

The video footage comes out way courtesy of the BlackBerry Blog, and delivers one and a half minutes of checking out the aura app playing nice on the BlackBerry PlayBook during Mobile World Congress 2011.

Apparently the aura app was constructed completely using web tech such as CSS and HTML5, and was actually built in just one week. Apparently the aura app for the BlackBerry PlayBook enables the user to control the weather (obviously not the real weather as I’m pretty sure the BlackBerry PlayBook isn’t that powerful).

Anyway for those that wish to check out a BlackBerry app playing nice on the BlackBerry PlayBook, head on down and mash that play button…enjoy.

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