Mini iPhone Not in the Making Claims NYT

The speculations of Apple working on a mini iPhone have been hitting the net waves recently, whether it would be an additional iPhone or a mini iPhone 5; however it would appear that not all support the rumour that Apple is working on a smaller version of their iconic handset.

According to an article over on Geeky-gadgets, and by way of Apple Insider, the New York Times is reporting that according to “people briefed on Apple’s plans” Apple is not working on producing a smaller version of the iPhone.

The reason apparently is because a mini iPhone would be more difficult to operate and wouldn’t necessarily be that much cheaper to make. Another reason against making a small iPhone is the screen size would mean many developers would have to rewrite their iOS apps.

Apparently Apple engineers are focused on completing the iPhone 5, which according to the report is “of similar size” to the current iPhone 4.

However; it appears that the NYT does support the claim that Apple is considering pushing out a cheaper version of the iconic iPhone and says Apple is looking at a “less expensive” iPhone, which might be controlled via voice commands.

So, what do the public want, that is the question, would you like to see a mini iPhone come out to play in the future whether it was cheaper or not?

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