5 Best Mobile Security Apps For The iPhone

The iPhone has come to dominate the smartphone market. Huge amounts of energy was devoted to creating the infrastructure to support one of the most advanced mobile phones that have ever been developed for private use and nearly every developer and coder in the industry has set their sights on the iPhone to get their own piece of the smartphone pie.

This also includes attention from less than reputable sources who are attempting to find ways to hack into and abuse this amazing infrastructure. Security apps are being developed and perfected for personal and business security for iPhones and iPhone programs. Here are 5 security apps for the iPhone, which every owner should take a look at.

1. iPortScan Pro
Whiteside Solutions, a company oddly enough known for paintball training tools, developed a security app that could be a lifesaver for every system admin. iPortScan Pro allows for admins to check if any services are listening on a known system that are not authorized. It is a quick and useful tool to scan ports on the fly and then forward automatically forward to URL’s or e-mail databases.

2. AVG Mobile Security
For personal security on the phone. AVG is well known for its cult-like following in the PC and Mac protection sector and is using this reputation to develop one of the best real time, anti-malware, mobile protection apps. This is great news for every iPhone user as AVG has a large team of dedicated programmers updating and perfecting this app almost daily. PLEASE READ UPDATE BELOW.

3. Mobile Malwarebytes
Where AVG mobile security ends, Malwarebytes begins. This program comes in two styles, a free version and paid version. The goal of each is to target Trojans, viruses, rootkits, and other malicious worms and code. The difference between the two versions comes down to real-time protection. The free version does not allow for real time protection and instead relies on routine sweeps of the phone and downloads.

4. Snap
While these other programs help with malicious software and intruders, Snap provides useful information to the user of the phone. Snap sweeps nearby devices, hotspots, wifi, and other networks to discover which nearby ports are open, which local networks are secure, and what other users are on each network.

5. Splash ID
People have dozens of user names and passwords for emails, bank accounts, and credit cards. With all these complex numbers and words, this sensitive data is many times written down, forgotten, and lost. Splash ID provides a secure program in which the iPhone can save and protect hundreds of passwords and screen names with a 256-bit Blowfish Encryption and backup syncing to all authorized PC’s.

Britney Baker is a freelance blogger who normally ranks prepaid phones for PrepaidCellphones.net. Her latest review covered the Tracphone.

UPDATE: AVG is not on the iPhone and I am afraid that is incorrect as currently AVG focuses on the Android platform with a Free and Paid version. https://market.android.com/details?id=com.antivirus


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  1. Sjtgolf says:

    There is no mobile version of AVG in the app store either. Where did you get your information? Do you actually check on your sources? (obviously not)

  2. When it comes to securing our iPhones, we are protecting what’s in it like our photos, personal videos, bank details & other files. So much better if an App like File Locker Pro Suite would be included in the list.

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