HTC Thunderbolt Delay: Your Discussions

We reported earlier that the HTC Thunderbolt delay has got longer, we want to do is get to the bottom of the smartphone delay mystery and decided to have a ‘Your Discussions’ area just for you.

Could the Best Buy tweet be wrong or could there possibly be Verizon problems (You know like LTE network issues) that they want to iron out?

Now the new March 4th delay that we mentioned earlier via a Best Buy in Roseville Tweet could be true, but one commenter on our previous article noticed (we are sorry but we missed it) that the Twitter message by Best Buy says “Thursday March 4” but March 4th is not a Thursday it is a Friday, quite confusing now when you look at it.

Could Verizon be building some sort of excitement to make the product even better, you know “The Must Have Smartphone”, some of the comments on our other article mention that they have been to Verizon Wireless and sales persons say that it will be released February 28.

The Twitter message of the delay that came in could be just that area, another commenter here on phonesreview.co.uk mentions that their local Best Buy in Westwood, CA say they will have the handset on the 28th.

Please let us know what you think, is the tweet wrong, do you think Verizon is having problems, or do you think everyone should just relax and wait for the official release date?


44 thoughts on “HTC Thunderbolt Delay: Your Discussions”

  1. Neo says:

    pretty unproductive this post. who cares if we discuss the mystery of the release delay and the release date itself? we're not going to find out until Verizon or HTC comes out with a date and that's it.

    1. lfrasca says:

      I Second this post. I don't care what is causing the delay. I JUST WANT THE DAME PHONE. If HTC is truly delaying to make sure the phone is perfect then great, but why tease us. Just announce it when it is ready. I have also seen posts that are saying March 10th instead of the 4th. I am at a point that I may just get an iPhone 4. OR! is that just what they want? WTF

  2. Doug says:

    So let me get this straight. Some from Best Buy Tweets that "HTC Thunderbolt launch has been delayed 🙁 It looks like it may launch on Thursday, March 4th. Stay tuned for more info." and that means it's true? So called Best Buy "leaks" have been behind a lot of these rumored release dates. Have you all noticed that no two Best Buy stores have had the same story regaurding the launch date? Have you also noticed that all the Best Buy "leaks" have been wrong? Also, if you can read, you will see that leaked tweet says "It looks like it may launch on Thursday, March 4th." Since when is "it may launch" and actual confirmed date? Get with it, Verizon has not announced an Official Release date at all. Until they do, you can't call any of these missed "rumored" dates a delay.

    1. just sayin says:

      I spoke with a Verizon rep on the 24th who said an HTC rep ws in the store a few days prior with the Thunderbolt but it wasn't connecting to the network. There is some issue with the phone connecting to the LTE network that they are trying to work out.

  3. onemoreperson says:

    I think Verizon is just delaying the phone release so the people that bough the Iphone dont have a chance to return the item and get the new Android model….

  4. Jeffrey E. says:

    none of these "trustworthy sources" have been right throughout this whole waiting game we are having to play. enough is enough. Every Best Buy is saying something different and people are taking those things and running with them. I dont believe March 4th at all. We'll all wake up tomorrow and there will be a different date that someones "source" gave them. Verizon needs to treat their customers/potential customers (i am/was planning on switching to verizon for this phone) with a little bit of respect and let us know whats going on .

  5. presto3344 says:

    Thunderbolt is getting old. I am going to pass on this phone. I am tired of all the bs surrounding its release date. The phone is over priced and wiil not live up to all the hype. It will be an old device by the time Verizon releases it. WTF. Verizon dropped the ball with the Thunderbolt and the iphone 4 was a bust.

  6. Antonio says:

    this is crap. i'm so close to just going and gettting the iphone… they're not trying to make it better… they're 4g network or skype face to face isnt working… verizon get ur shit together

  7. Rachel says:

    Ok as of this morning this is what Ive been told by a VZW corporate store here in Erie,PA…..I called and talked to a gentleman named Chris. He states that the HTC Thunderbolt is DUE to be RELEASED on Monday Feb 28th….He did confirm many times that it will be out by the end of this month but he doesn't understand why Verizon hasn't announced it yet.He did continue to tell me that they do have one in the store and there is nothing wrong with the phone.It runs flawless and has Skype and there getting ready for the rush of customers when its released/He did tell me I was the 15th person to call tis morning.lol.He also continued to tell me that it seems like Verizon may announce it in the next 24 to 48 hours.He told me as soon as he heard anything he'd call me right away and he'd also hold a Thunderbolt for me.Hes a reliable source and close friend.So I guess all we can do is wait. You know what they say "Good Things come to those who wait" ;o)

    1. Josh says:

      I stopped by both of the Erie stores yesterday (25'th) and they both said they have no idea when it would be released, the Peach st. store said it could be as late as the end of March

  8. johnny longcock says:

    my friend don said the motherfucking phone is trash and that there are big big problems that HTC wont talk about and that his friend NANCY had an HTC phone and had probles. I personally think nancy is a whore

  9. Tim H says:

    What's frustrating is that Verizon allowed BB to sell this phone (apparently ahead of a Verizon release) and BB came out with public information that it was to be available on several dates (now a further delay). I want this phone also and am getting frustrated with the constant unofficial release dates but I realize this is just another product that eventually will be delivered. What makes me somewhat upset is that no one (Verizon primarily) is addressing this issue as many consumers are not patient and would simply like an answer as to the delay and maybe even an official statement as to the possible release date. The cat is out of the bag now so instead of Verizon ignoring this, they should say something!!!

  10. Madmax says:

    Stupid Verizon upto its antics again. Either this is a very good publicity gimmick or the Thunderbolt is facing several issues like the Blackberry Storm did at launch. If thats true, it sucks. Either way, Verizon should atleast come clean now since everyone's interest in the phone is dwindling by the day.

  11. Turd Ferguson says:

    First off, Best Buy is at fault for #1 – Taking pre-orders without a release date. If I can pre-order a Blu-ray and be told the release date, why can't that scenario apply to a phone. And, #2 – putting the phone in it's weekly circular. And, #3 – allowing it's sales drones to tweet, post, etc. on the release date. Secondly, Verizon is to blame for letting this drag on so long without any comment at all. This phone better be worth it!

  12. bman says:

    My theory has been that iPhone sales weren't as great as expected and they are delaying the Thunderbolt to allow the iPhone sales to continue. Once they start selling the Thundebolt, iPhone may be less appealing. I stood in 0 degree weather outside, in line, to get the iPhone on the day it launched . I returned it 36 hours later. I stuck in google world, which isn't a bad thing. Back on my Eris until this phone is out.

  13. davio says:

    I talked with a certain verizon manager whom i'm buddy buddy with. He said he's not allowed to disclose any minutes from their corporate meetings, however he will tell me this. Before a new phone is about to be released, they get a memo on instructions for how to handle the phone and operate it. These memos are for training in tech and customer service dept. He has not received any notification of any memo coming any time soon. He said usually it comes a week before the phone comes out. He says, read between the lines. No Memo this week = possibly a second week of March release, at earlest.

  14. annonymous says:

    I think everyone should just wait 'til the official date on when it's going to come out. Everyone seems to be going crazy and really they're just impatient. Come on people it's just a phone it's not like it's going to be the end of the world if you guys don't get it any sooner. So get on with your life and just wait 'til the phone gets officially released.

  15. Gjenkins616 says:

    The teasing of the Thunderbolt has gone from fun and exciting to just annoying. If I could trust AT&T’s service any better, I would just drop Big Red for the Atrix.

  16. slik says:

    I’m with pmdave on this one! I don’t care what the problem is! I’ve had this phone on pre order for goin on a month now its time to give us what we’ve waited so fuckin patiently for! I heard skype was the problem first…put the phone out and batch update with it! Then I heard mobile hotspot problems….who cares? Verizon charges extra for tethering anyway! Now no news on why the latest…just give us the damn thing and send out patches as the problems are fixed! Its not like the shit they’re fixin is hendering the usage as a phone!

  17. Doyle says:

    I think Verizon is probably just getting it's new network geared up for the launch–imagine how much more criticism than a delayed phone Verizon would receive if the new network was buggy or failed. http://BuyThunderboltPhone.com has a good post today discussing the outrage and what could be happening.

  18. Dean says:

    i gave up on waiting back when the release date was supposed to be the 14th. i went on and got the incredible. it may not be quite as fast, but it gets the job done. if your a light to moderate user, id say go on and give the incredible a try.

  19. Joe says:

    I think the only thing we have to blame for the delay is the iphone sales or lack thereof. Verizon wants to make sure the people that bought the iphone keep it and don't return it for the Thunderbolt.

  20. Myc777 says:

    What we need to discuss is the price and data plan if they are going to jack us on the data plan then we should all not care when the phone comes out or show any excitement. We all complained about the data plan and they changed it for the better on featured phones and did not hike up the price on the smartphones…this is our time to stick together.

  21. Tom C says:

    F this phone and F verizon. What a publicity cluster-F. Even if the phone is great, it looks like they 1.) have network issues that may be problematic, or 2.) the handset isn't all it is touted to be. I'm tired of the hype, when will the bullsh*t end?

  22. Sam says:

    You should really proofread what you post. There are numerous grammatical errors in your text. Not to mention that the questions you want responses on are ridiculous.

  23. Bill says:

    Here's a theory:
    Verizon likely profits far more from the sale of the Thunderbolt than the sale of an iPhone (given the large subsidy that Verizon must pay Apple for every iPhone sold). They know that a significant number of people will buy the iPhone regardless of what is else is being released, but they also know that a portion of the people will wait for the Thunderbolt. Senior leadership communicates to Best Buy to float premature release dates for the Thunderbolt to discourage those on the fence into going with the iPhone or the AT&T HTC Inspire. The first date is 2/14, a mere four days after the iPhone is released and one day after the Inspire is released…

  24. Bill says:

    …Next, Best Buy floats 2/21-2/24-2/28. This still keeps those on the fence regarding the iPhone & Inspire to hold-off, and now discourages people from getting the AT&T Atrix 4G. Meanwhile the actual release date of the phone has always been March and everything else has just been to build hype and prevent the sale of too many costly iPhones (under unlimited data plans), or to prevent defection to competitors. I know, I know: I'm grasping for straws here…I'm just sick of waiting, and concocting a conspiracy theory at least kills some time. Release the f'ing phone already!!

  25. david says:

    Whatever to all of these speculations. I did notice however that Verizon has removed the skype advertisement on the thunderbolt screen. When you clicked on the thunderbolt coming soon screen, it had rock band and skype ads, now it only has rock band, wonder what happened.

  26. eestubbs104 says:

    Not sure if there is going to be anything that will stop me from getting the Sprint EVO 4G now. I am beginning to think as a six year Verizon customer, that they no longer respect their customers. They have gotten too big and too many good reviews that they now feel like their customers will be so loyal, that they won't ever leave them, no matter what they do or how many times they do it or even if they up the price of this phone (Thunderbolt) to $250 to $300. We will all buy. Hey, Amazon.com was advertising the EVO for only $99.00 and is had Androind 2.2

  27. ryan says:

    i dont understand why people are making such an issue out of this saying "im going to leave cause their taking too long" or "their losing me because they dont respect their customers by setting back the release date". officially there is no release daet soooo people please shut up. If their werent any rumers then you wouldnt even be thinking about the thunderbolt and its release date right now. Seriously, verizon has no liability here because they havent even said when it was supposed to be out. For all we know it could have originally have had a release dat of march 10th or whatever. Just wait for the phone to release when it does.

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