Another Apple iPad 2 Picture Surfaces

Well with the supposed unveiling of the next generation Apple iPad only a couple of days away it’s probably expected that images which claim to be the iOS tablet will start hitting the net waves just like we have previously reported on (here).

And now apparently the guys over at the Boy Genius Report have been sent an image, by a tipster, which appears to be of the rear of the Apple iPad 2 tablet and shows a flat back with tapered edges, the rear camera, and speaker grill.

Having said that, unlike previous images this particular picture only has iPad on the back and not iPad 2, so there is a possibility that this image isn’t quite real, but then again there’s no confirmation that the Apple iPad 2 will have iPad 2 stamped on its rear either.

So, take a gander at the picture and see what you think, could this be the real deal Apple iPad 2? One thing is for sure, will probably find out in a day or so.


2 thoughts on “Another Apple iPad 2 Picture Surfaces”

  1. Herb Lipton says:

    Who cares. When the iPad 2 is released in a few days that's when we will find out the facts. I suspect that Apple will be disappointing us with the '2' and deliver this new unit prematuritilly to the market, in order to stem the tide of the competition.

    I will probably wait out this newest game of Apple. Maybe the pressure is to much and their buckling under the stress ( a la antenna).

    I hope I'm wrong. I really am ready to buy a pad.


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